Our Story

The Grandeho Family started since 20 years ago. We started from the Mission, with our first restaurant in 16th and Valencia next to the Roxy Theater. The owners, Grace and Danny, started with their family and their first small restaurant was a big success, with famous fusion of Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisine. After every one year, the Grandeho Family opened restaurant after restaurant, having a total of 5 restaurants. Other than Grandeho's Kamekyo, we have Sunflower Restaurant in 18th and Potrero Hill and 16th and Valencia. Another sushi restaurant we have is in Cole Valley, called Kamekyo. Grace spends most of her time in Grandeho's Kamekyo in Fisherman's Wharf, Hyde Street. They are planning to open another vegetarian restaurant in Valencia next to their original restaurant. Grace learned her unique cooking skills and style through her experiences, where she began working at the Sheraton Palace Hotel. Now, she only uses skilled, Japanese chefs in all her restaurants.

Our Mission

We plan to serve our visitors only with the freshest ingredients available. We use local, organic produce in our dishes. We are also planning to host private parties. We want to give our customers the greatest fusion dining experience through our cuisine.

Our Special

We only use organic, fresh ingredients. Our unique desserts dishes contain fresh organic fruit from local produce. We specialize in vegetarian dishes, amazing salads, and fresh sushi.