Hands down best sushi I've had in the city.

Food: Their sashimi is so fresh and well-presented. For those who prefer to ease into the experience, they have ample options for bento lovers too.
Service: From the servers to the sushi chef, everyone is both professional and friendly.
Location: Very close to Fisherman's Wharf so you know the foods as good as it gets.
Price: Very affordable. Probably could price much higher given the quality of the food and the amount of foot traffic.
Can't wait to come here again

Wow...let me just say...FRESH!!

Originally i get my sushi from la but came up to norcal sf with my friend and he suggested this place and wow. First off, we ordered the eggrol salad and sushi boat and the salad was just delicious. The dressing on that salad was the bombskeets. But moving on to the main dish...the boat. The cut of the sushis were very thick and fresh. The rice proportions were perfect as well and just...wow i honestly dont think ive had sushi this delicious. Im normally not a tuna guy but their tuna was beautiful and delicious and their salmon was just...no comment. I enjoyed that salmon waaaaaaaay too much i had to order another round of only the salmon. In general or conclusion this place is the bomb!! Service is top knotch as well and of course best of all the food is at its best! Definitely will be back when visiting again!

Came across this place while walking back from the beach.

Staff was very friendly. The menu is pretty generous, which made it hard to decide what to get. I got the chefs special sushi roll. The fish was so fresh, not fishy tasting. My husband got the ramen and it was amazing! The restaurant was very clean and all the tables were provided with hand sanitizer. Which I really appreciated. Would definitely return for round two.

Pricing is very reasonable.

Stumbled upon this cute little place by accident and what a surprise. After a day of sight seeing on the Pier with my urbane and hip daughter we were both pleasantly surprised to find a place to eat on the way back to the car. The place was clean and pleasantly relaxed, a rewarding respite to the other places just a block down the street. She ordered the Bento Box, well presented and generous helping for one(I ate the leftovers). I ordered the special Ramen and was presented with a pleasant mix of ingredients well balanced and tasty. I thought pricing was very reasonable for the area. Good service in a very relaxed atmosphere. A must do after a day around the pier. Have recommended it to my best friends. Don't miss out on this San Francisco hidden gem!

The fish tasted great and very fresh.

I traveled to San Francisco for business but also wanted to try the food! I chose to walk everywhere so when I was running low on energy from the insanely steep sidewalks I stopped in Grandeho's Kamekyo. The food was good and the fish tasted great and very fresh. My phone was also low on battery and my only source around the city so thankfully the waitress charged it for me! Great food and service. It was a little spendy for the food I thought but it is right next to the beach so I'm sure tourists look for a close eatery regardless of the money.